Immigrating from abroad

Consular Processing

This is the process for gaining entrance to the US from a foreign country. We spend countless hours coordinating with multiple government agencies both in the US and abroad in cases like these.

Immigration Trial Services

Defensive Filings

When faced with removal/defense clients have a much higher rate of success with a lawyer than without. The complexities, rules and procedures as well as knowledge of potential forms of relief are a highly complicated area of law. Only a licensed lawyer can assist you in this area.

USCIS Petitions

Adjustment of Status, Naturalization, Affirmative Asylum etc.

There are a myriad of ways that people interact with USCIS. Changing categories of visas, becoming a permanent resident, naturalizing and many more. Whether you need advice on strategic planning, or want to bring someone in from abroad, this is often the first step.


Consular Processing

If you have a family member (or future family member) in another country, you are probably going to Consular Process. There is a great deal of value in using the experience of an immigration attorney to process your case. You will have less delays due to the inability to predict what is coming next by leveraging experiences of a firm for your case.

Being empowered is a great thing and clients are better off when they understand and take part in the process. Unfortunately, there are many places that  won’t tell you the truth because they’re unlicensed and unregulated. Firms that offer to help abroad are rarely educated or informed about US law (which is the only law that counts when coming to the US). Notaries, family friends and blogs will not be able to say why your case is different or cite the law/policy. Save time and money by contacting our firm today.

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Immigration Trial Defense

The law changes slowly but policy has changed fast. Since the presidential change, there have been a lot of policy changes. This has affected most of our clients that come to us for trial defense services. While no one can promise that you can get what you want 100% of the time, we will work with you in ways that others won’t.

We will ask what your goal is. Not everyone wants the same things. We will listen and advise you of the risks and possible courses of action as we go. This is your case in the end, so its your decision. No matter what the case is, its always better to have an attorney in immigration court. While the judges can sometimes be very nice, they cannot ask you about all the possible defense that you might have. The rules in immigration court are pretty strict because there is a lot of law written and interpreted over the years. Don’t make the mistake that many people make by thinking that you can explain it to the judge and prove that you’re a good person. The other side of the courtroom will have a government attorney and they will not agree with you. This administration brags about the increased rates of removal (deportation). If the government has gotten as far as issuing a Notice To Appear and bringing you into court, you can be assured that they intend to see it through.

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Applications with USCIS are a different kind of law practice, but they are still practicing law.  Our office regularly receives cases that have come to us after someone else has tried to help them out. Without fail these cases are usually someone that has done this kind of thing once or twice before and may have even gotten lucky by getting some of them approved. Don’t be fooled. If someone wants to give you help, they should be signing the form and stating that they helped you. Every form that we complete, we take responsibility for and sign. We inform both our clients and the government that we have a license and answer for the things that we advise. If your friend answers incorrectly, it’s only you that pays the penalty. The penalty can be simple or it could be that you loose your filing fee, are removed from the country or have the need for a fraud waiver. With an administrative that looks more closely at everything before them, don’t its not worth the risk.

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We do all kinds of immigration law–and that’s important.

We love Consular Processing. While many immigration attorneys have run for the hills as the new administration announced things like extreme vetting and signed executive orders, we’ve taken the challenge and continued on.

You really have to know the law. For many attorneys, they are comfortable in situations where they can see the judge and argue face to face, they shirk away from the Consular Processing part because we can’t be in all the Consulates around the world with our clients. This makes the advice and guidance all that much more important. Don’t misunderstand…we love trial too.

A mentor once said, “you’ve gotta be in the law every day to be really good at it.” We think that’s true. If you wall off and “don’t do” certain things, then how can you spot the problems for you client.  If you stop at trial, or you don’t process cases with USCIS you get rusty. We constantly look up the law in consults with our clients to give them the best, up to date advice that we can give.

We’re not afraid of the oddball case. We think its because we’re working on cases that process differently that we’ve got a good handle on advising of the risks and strategic planning for our clients. We are constantly representing clients wether its in front of Homeland Security, an immigration judge, or the US State Department we are confident and have a track record that shows we can successfully navigate the system for our clients even in these unclear times.


Next Steps…

The first step for anyone with questions is to set up a consultation. We can conduct a consult either in person at one of our two locations, by phone or online.

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